Tales of The Granddaughter.

What about you makes it hard to resist?? Once A man falls for you there’s no turning back, so tell me why?

Breathe and look at me, breathe and open your mind. A man never looks at my face, every man looks at himself in me. I’m always a mirror, where a pure reflection of the soul breaks through my surface to the heart of humanity.
I look at you and see everything you can’t tell, my words are the only magic I possess or ever need.

My words could be the healing spell you longed to and waited for ever since infinity, or it could be that knife opening the wound of a thousand years, bleeding some precious memories.

Welcome to the new blog from Cleopatra’s Granddaughter, if you are already a fan or knows about the Mother blog I would first like to thank you and wish you like my writings and I promise I will keep working hard and always try to write better. (If you don’t know that Mother blog, checking it would give you a clear idea about my writing style and  help you understand where I’m going with my writing.

Thanks to everyone I’m from my friends (both online and offline) and my family I’m starting this short stories collection wish it will earn your liking. I will always wait with anticipation for your feedback. ^^

“More than Men: in My Life” is a short stories collection of love, relationship, spirituality and life. Hope you will like them.